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CVIS Air Starter Remanufacture Service

Remanufactured air starters from Cardinal Valley provide our customers with an economical option for a product of exceptional quality, durability, and longevity that is guaranteed by Cardinal Valley’s dedication to using only genuine parts. Our remanufactured starters are built by factory trained technicians using a combination of genuine used and genuine new components. All used components are re-qualified for rebuilding using Cardinal Valley’s  3 Tier Inspection Process that insures a quality remanufactured product.

Note: This service has restrictions if you are located outside of the United States. Please contact us for details.

All CVIS Remanufactured Starters are equipped with:

  • New “wear parts.”  For all manufacture makes and models wear parts include, but are not limited to: O-rings, gaskets, seals, bearings, vanes / turbine rotors, pinions (pre-engaged starters only), etc.
  • Requalified “hard parts.”  For all manufacture makes and models hard parts include but are not limited to: motor housings, shafts, gears, end plates, cylinders, vane rotors, etc.  Each inertia starter is also equipped with a remanufactured bendix drive. 

Buying a Remanufactured Starter

When a customer orders a Remanufactured Starter the remanufactured starter price is the based on CVIS receiving a core of the same model and type from the customer. Cardinal Valley initially charges for the remanufactured starter without a core charge. If the correct core is received by CVIS within 30 days, the transaction is complete; however, if the core is not received in 30 days or the incorrect core is returned, the customer is billed a core charge.

Note: All CVIS Remanufactured Starters are delivered to the customer with a standard orientation. If your application requires a specific orientation in order to accommodate your engine or air piping, please let us know when ordering.

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