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About Cardinal Valley Industrial Supply

Cardinal Valley Industrial Supply has supplied quality air starters, air starter parts, service and repairs to the oil & gas, marine towing, power generation, mining, trucking and public utility industries since 1993. After beginning as a remanufacturing and repair shop for air starters, Cardinal Valley has expanded to become a distributor and repair center for the leading U.S. air starter product manufacturers. Our range of product allows us to provide air starters that crank engines with displacements from a less than 2.0 cubic liters (122 cubic inches) to over 1,300.0 cubic liters (81,000+ cubic inches). Cardinal Valley has met and continues to provide air starter needs for applications worldwide.

We believe that a quality product is no better than the service you receive. To provide the best possible service to our customers, Cardinal Valley is committed to maintaining:

  • Knowledgeable, factory trained sales staff dedicated to recommending the best starter for your application
  • Factory trained service staff in all product lines
  • 24 to 48 hour turn-a-round on repairs
  • An inventory of new starters, remanufactured starters, OEM parts and accessories in all product lines
  • Administrative systems built on proven technology that provides accurate information

By sustaining these standards we can continue as your “air starting system specialist”.

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We sell genuine starters and parts simply because they are genuine rather than counterfeit. The idea of OEM is that the product comes from those who conceived it, designed it, first built it, understand it, and who care about maintaining its quality and reliability. The aftermarket is built on the concept of “quantity at low cost over quality.” Cardinal Valley holds to the standard “highest quality at a fair market value.” Until the day that the aftermarket designs and manufactures with better quality and consistency than the OEM, Cardinal Valley will not sell an aftermarket starter or parts.

Our business is family run, 20+ years in the making. We have and we will continue to be dedicated to the idea that hard work combined with sound thinking and solid morals have value that is permanently lasting. Any other measure is insufficient.



Cardinal Valley measures value not in quantity but in quality: doing what is right rather than what is profitable is a defining principle. Trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity are our touchstones and thus, define the products we provide to our customers.

Every product coming from Cardinal Valley is either OEM certified “new” or a used part that has been through a custom three-tier inspection process and re-qualified for remanufacture use.

  • Tier 1: The used starter is dismantled, grease and surface grim removed, and all parts inspected by a certified technician for mechanical / structural defects and excessive wear.
  • Tier 2: All paint is removed along with any remaining grime or dirt and each part is re-inspected by our technicians. At this point, any parts failing inspection, along with any aftermarket parts, are discarded as scrap. The requalified parts are then moved to the Work-in-Process Requalified Parts Area, which is a separate holding area within the shop.
  • Tier 3: Before being used in a rebuilt starter, requalified parts are moved from the Work-in-Process area to the inventory section in our Reman section of the shop. Prior to being moved, all parts are inspected for a third time by our technicians for excessive wear and disqualifying damage, as well as any blasting media or solvent residue that may have been used to clean and refurbish the parts.
All technicians are trained and certified to OEM factory standard for mechanical work.
  • AAR Certified
  • TDI TurboTech Service School
  • IR Pneumatic Engine Starting Systems Training
Cardinal Valley believes that we are measured by our actions backing up our words. Warranties are a key component of our quality assurance because it provides a constant reminder that we guarantee our remanufactured and repaired air starters are built to last.



The Air Starting System Specialists

Cardinal Valley specializes in this field in order to provide the best service possible to our customers. We are not in the business of simply doing better than the competition; we strive to define the competition.

  • We specialize in air starting only.
  • We maintain a large inventory across a broad spectrum of starting equipment in order to ensure rapid response times to customer needs. We are uniquely suited to provide equipment for emergency and failsafe systems that have to work, every time.
  • We provide custom starting solutions to real world applications, designing starting systems in order to fit our customers specific needs.
  • Small size and over 70 years of experience in the field provides a degree of flexibility matched with competency that allows us to make guarantees:
    • Unit Down Service—Cardinal Valley’s emergency service provides support to our customers any time day or night. 24-hour Emergency Hotline: Call our regular number.
    • Built to Order Service—remanufactured starters are built specifically to the customer's application needs. When the starter is removed from the Cardinal Valley box, it should be ready for immediate installation.
    • Site Visits—We will come to your facility and provide diagnostics, advice, and installation assistance.